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Hi, I’m Sheldon Long, the inventor of the Tru-Roll Putter. In 2003 I turned my passion for
the game into my profession by becoming a member of the Canadian PGA. During my 16 years
of playing golf, and 10 years as an instructor and club-fitter, I have learned and observed a few
things about golf, and putting in particular, that I’d like to share with you.

  • Putting is the most important aspect of this great game accounting for about 40% of your score
  • The putter is by far the most used and most important club in your golf bag
  • Improving your putting is the easiest and fastest way to lower your scores
  • Improving the quality of your miss-hits is equally important as increasing the frequency of your great shots

In the summer of 2005, I discovered a solution to an ongoing problem that I like all (go ahead and admit it) golfers struggle with at times…my putting. I had a few different makes and models of putters, but none of them consistently performed up to par. They were all difficult to consistently get the ball rolling on my target line and also very difficult to consistently control the distance with.

The solution was a whole new design. I thought, and then proved, that a round object making contact with another round object would result in a truer roll than a flat object hitting a round object.

So in the farm machine shop I went and turned my theory into a reality. My new putter was indeed the answer to my problem.

It was extremely easy to control the distance with. It was also much, much more forgiving on off-centre hits.

Although my first two prototypes were a little rough around the edges, they worked great. The next several years I kept my idea mostly to myself, but I have recently refined the design and decided to share it with everyone I can.  The response has been incredible!

With this new creation in the bag, my scores got lower and my confidence higher. I believe a Tru-Roll Putter will have the same effect on your game.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe the best results are found by identifying the students preferred learning style(s). Since we don’t all learn the same way, a good instructor is able to deliver the same information in several different ways.

Once I’ve identified how the student learns best and find out what their goals are, we develop a plan to help reach those goals. We then accomplish those goals by building a solid foundation piece by piece, adding to it as the student is ready, and not before. This helps avoid the student thinking about too many things at once.

Helping the student understand the cause and effect of their tendencies is also crucial. This way, if they are out playing and slice or top a shot, they are better able to make the adjustment and get back on track; or if they need to hit the high, low or curve it around a tree they know what adjustments to make as well.