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Appearance may influence your decision if you’re planning to buy new golf putters; after all, a putter needs to instil confidence when looking at it and preparing your stroke. However, the performance of the putter should come before all else.

The market for golf putters in Edmonton and internationally is flooded with many high-tech options and complex designs that promise improved performance. However, it is often the simplest designs that are the best.

Here are just a few aspects of a putter’s performance that you should look for:Golf putters

Consistent Loft

Whether you’re using a traditional flat-faced putter or a new design, you may find that you’re experiencing issues with loft. If your hands are too far forward or too far back, you may struggle with lining up the shot and controlling the distance.

Consistent Roll

If you’re using a flat-faced putter, whether it’s a traditionally designed one or one of the new putters on the market, the ball will become airborne at the moment of impact with backspin. The ball must overcome the backspin before it makes contact with the green and roll towards the hole. This change in motion is also known as “skidding,” and it can make it difficult to get the ball rolling in the direction you intend and to control the distance consistently.

Forgiveness on Miss Hits

When you’re using a flat-faced putter, it doesn’t matter if it’s one with a traditional design or a new, high-tech one; it can still cause a lot of skidding along the surface of the green. This can result in the ball coming up short of the hole.

At Tru-Roll Putters, an Alberta-based golf putter provider, we aim to change the face of golfing with our innovative TR series of golf putters. Our golf putters provide consistent loft, since the position of your hand will not affect it, greatly increasing the error-margin. The TR series also causes the ball to roll true without any backspin or skidding, meaning you’ll be able to better line-up your putts and control the distance. Thanks to the innovative round-faced design, our TR series of putters is not nearly as affected by skidding as other putters. With their simple yet aerodynamic design, it’s little wonder that golfers throughout the world ask for our TR putters by name!

Visit the Tru-Roll Putters web site for more information about our quality golf putters available in Edmonton, Calgary, and internationally!

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