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Tru-Roll-Article-122214_imageIf you’re looking to buy golf putters that will improve your game, the selection may seem to be overwhelming. The best choice tends to be round-head golf putters thanks to their design; however, when it comes to golf putters, it all depends on what the golfer is comfortable with. Below is information on a variety of styles of putters:

Anser-Style Golf Putters

Designed by Karsten Solheim, this simple yet effective golf putter comes equipped with a hollowed-out cavity in the back that distributes much of the weight from the head to the heel and toe ends, creating a larger “sweet spot” for hitting the ball. As a result, there’s less twisting of the face of the putter on an off-centre strike. If a putter has a square shape, it is considered to be an Anser.

Blade Golf Putters

When traditionalists buy golf putters, they typically purchase blade putters since they’re a favourite of veterans of the sport. While many consider these to be the best golf putters in their bag of clubs, the heavy toe weight means that it will only really suit an open-square closed stroke.

Centre-Shafted Golf Putters

This type of golf putter is exactly what its name sounds like: a golf putter with a shaft inserted into the centre of the head. This type of putter is typically face-balanced, so it’s best suited to a straight-back, straight-through stroke.

Mallet Golf Putters

This is another fittingly named type of golf putter, as it resembles a croquet mallet. If you were to cut a mallet golf putter’s head open, you’d doubtlessly find that it is hollow, with weights at the heel and toe. This means that there is less chance it will twist on an off-centre hit as well as having an increased sweet spot.

Offset Golf Putters

This type of putter is designed with the face set further from the hole, which is achieved by either having a kink in the hosel or a gentle curve. These types of golf putters are typically offset to give them a more natural feel; this helps some golfers, since the putter is being led and is less likely to twist on off-centre hits.

Onset Golf Putters

These putters are the opposite of offset golf putters because the face is closer to the hole where the shaft inserts into the head. One of the advantages is that it allows you to see the alignment of the golf putter better so you can line up the shot.

Face-Balanced Golf Putters

This type of golf putter places equal weight between the toe and heel and the part where the shaft enters the head. This type of putter is good if you have a straight back swing.

Future Golf Putters

When it comes to the best golf clubs and putters that will be the wave of the future, Tru-Roll Putters offers a variety of the above-mentioned styles, all featuring our round-face technology. Regardless of your preferred style, there is a Tru-Roll Putter that will greatly improve your game. With their consistent loft and roll, not to mention hit-miss forgiveness, our TR putters are the best golf putters and will be a welcome addition to any golfer’s bag of clubs!

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Entrepreneur minded PGA of Canada Member who when working as a club professional decided to take an idea to market and share his putters with the worldwide golfing community. Ordinary guy who loves his family, friends, golf, hockey and motocross.