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Golf Putting When it comes to golfing, any player worth their salt will tell you that the short game can make or break a score. Golfers often take multiple putts in order to complete a hole, making golf putting an important part of any game.

That’s why the experts recommend practicing golf putting drills regularly to improve your game and keep your skills up. Regularly practicing your putting will help you to make a shot with fewer putts.

When it comes to improving your putting, there are three basic rules you should follow, the best golfers keep the face of their golf putters square, maintain a smooth swing and work on achieving distance control.

When it comes to using a putter, many golfers have the bad habit of hitting the ball with the face of their putter opened or closed. If this is hindering your game, place a ball on the practice green and a tee on the ground about 12 inches in front of the ball. Then place a coin on the ground approximately six inches in front of the ball. Now you’re ready for the drill; bring your putter back so it taps the tee, then swing it forward, making sure the face of your putter stays square as it passes over the coin.

Practicing Your Swing

Learning to swing your putter smoothly is another essential way to improve your golf game. This golf putting exercise is similar to the previous one: place a putter about 12 inches behind the ball, bring your putter back so it just touches the tee, and then immediately go into your foreswing, keeping your arms moving like a pendulum.

Distance Control

This is probably one of the most important skills you can learn when it comes to golf putting. The only way you can achieve distance control is through touch and feel. Spending a lot of time on the green and getting hands-on practice is one of the best ways to improve your distance control.

There are many drills you can use to improve your distance, but the following is one of the best. Place five golf tees in a row four feet apart, with the last one being 20 feet away. From there, work on putting the balls between each tee. If the ball rolls a few inches past the tee, that’s fine; you want to avoid it coming up short. Unlike focusing on a cup or flag, this exercise teaches you to focus on distance.

If you’re looking to buy golf putters that will enhance your game, Tru-Roll Putters’ TR series will greatly improve your game when combined with these exercises. The revolutionary design of our putters will greatly improve your distance control, cut down on skidding, and increase forgiveness on miss-hits.


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