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How to Choose the Best Golf PuttersGolf putters are an essential part of any golfer’s bag of clubs, and any seasoned golfer will tell you that the best golf club and putters are a necessity for playing at your best. That’s why if you’re looking to buy golf putters, there’s more you need to take into account than simple comfort.

The number of golf putters on the market can seem overwhelming, but this can be beneficial since it allows you to buy what is best for you. There are factors to take into account when buying golf putters, such as the balance point, lie angle, and more. Here are a few other things you must consider when looking for the best golf clubs and putters:


This is one instance where it’s best to try before you buy, as you need to know you’ll be in the correct address position when you’re putting. For instance, if you’re using a standard-length putter and your grip is down the shaft, you will need something shorter, and if your grip is beyond the end of the putter, you will need a longer putter. The best golf clubs and putters should be in line with your forearm; many golfers make the mistake of playing with too long of a putter.


The weight of a golf putter is also important since it can affect your swing. Depending on the type of terrain you are putting on, you will require either a heavy or a light putter. If you’re going to be golfing on a fast green, buy golf putters that are lightweight; if you’re going to be golfing on a slower green, heavy golf putters will work best. Heavy golf putters also have the added bonus of helping with stability.

Find a Putter That’s Suited to Your stroke

The best golf clubs and putters should feel like an extension of your arm, which is why you’ll want to find a putter that’s best suited to your stroke. Whether you have a conventional open-square closed stroke or a straight-backed stroke, there is a putter that is ideally suited to your style. And if you’re looking to buy a new golf putter, don’t hesitate to try a couple of practice strokes.

Find the Type of Putter That Works Best for You

There is a huge variety of golf putters in the market, and the top ones will greatly improve your golf game. For some, using traditional golf putters lets some golfers play at their consistent best, while others constantly strive to improve their game and embrace new technologies.

Tru-Roll Putters offers a unique golf putter with a rounded head, which provides consistent loft and roll. When you buy golf putters from us, you’ll also see greater forgiveness on miss-hits. Our TR line of golf putters also provides an excellent balance point.

Visit our web site for a complete list of dealers that carry our golf putters. You’ll see the difference when you buy golf putters from Tru-Roll Putters!


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