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Golf Putters Reviews

When it comes to providing the best golf putters, Tru-Roll Putters’ TR series putters always receive the best reviews thanks to their unique design. Our round-head golf putters are changing the face of putting and we have received consistent good reviews from our customers about how our putters have helped them to improve their game.

And it’s not much wonder that everyone, from professionals to amateurs, is singing the praises of our golf putters; they allow for a more consistent set-up and virtually eliminate skidding. And when you use our putters, you’ll also enjoy greater forgiveness of miss-hits.

But it’s our customer’s reviews that truly highlight why our round-head golf putters are the best on the market. Here’s what they had to say about our products:

“The Tru-Roll rolls the ball better than my old putter and it was only a third of the price! Plus I love the way the black finish sets up to the ball. Thanks!” Jeff

“After just one putt, I could tell that the Tru-Roll putter was for me. It creates the perfect topspin that allows my ball to roll consistently to the hole putt after putt. I now have the confident mindset that I CAN make every putt!”Bryan Bessinger, PGA Professional

“I’m new to the game and have a tendency to scuff the ground on the occasional long putt. My long putts have really improved and because it won’t dig in the green, even my bad putts are a lot closer to the hole. The Tru-Roll has really helped my game.”Donna

“I have never used a putter that rolls the golf ball as fast and has such a soft feel as a Tru-Roll Putter. Whether it’s a three-foot putt or a thirty-foot putt I know the ball will be rolling true.”Chris Winter, Pro Tour Player

“It only takes one putt with the Tru Roll putter to become a believer. It feels really solid.” – Justin Peters, Tour Professional

SCOREGolf blogger Rick Young declared Tru-Roll the Emerging Canadian Golf Company of the Year, praising our TR golf putters, saying they give golfers a consistent face angle and greatly reduce skidding.

American Golfer also spoke highly of the TR series’ unique round-head golf putters, with blogger Rob Thomas testing them and noting the distance control he enjoyed when he used our clubs.

If you check out our Twitter feed, you’ll find links to reviews praising our golf clubs. Bloggers are some of the toughest critics out there, but our putters have enjoyed good reviews across the board in addition to our customers’ testimonials.

Whether you’re a professional golfer or a “weekend warrior” who hits the links for fun, we want to hear your opinion about our products. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy greatly improved putting once you start to use Tru-Roll Putters’ TR series of round-head golf putters!