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Tru-Roll Putters Inc. (, the manufacturer of a revolutionary new putter that’s changing the face of golfing, is announcing that it has acquired dealers in three new territories, upping its count to 41 countries total.

Tru-Roll Putters Inc. has recently added Trinidad, Italy, and Columbia to the list of countries where its products are being sold. With the addition of these three countries, the total number in which Tru-Roll Putters are available has now reached 41.

“We just keep moving forward and are moving quickly at a pace that’s incredible,” says Sheldon Long, owner of Tru-Roll Putters Inc. “Our goal is for our putters to be in as many countries throughout the world as possible, and we’re well on our way.”

Long explains that the international demand comes from the Tru-Roll Putters’ revolutionary round putter design that improves control on distance and reduces spinning for a more consistent putt. In fact, Tru-Roll Putters Inc. has already been recognized as the Emerging Canadian Golf Company of the Year and been featured across several other media outlets focused on the sport of golf.

“And we’re not even close to stopping,” he adds. “We are very confident in the product we’ve created and the response that we’ve been getting to what is a radical new concept in a sport where tradition is held at such high value.”

“We’re just proud to receive the attention and praise we’ve been getting,” Long concludes. “There’s always a bit of anxiety when launching a product that’s so drastically different from what’s presently available on the market, but when you’ve had the early success that we have, it reinforces that you’re on the right track.”

To find out more about Tru-Roll Putters Inc., visit the web site at

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Sheldon Long

Entrepreneur minded PGA of Canada Member who when working as a club professional decided to take an idea to market and share his putters with the worldwide golfing community. Ordinary guy who loves his family, friends, golf, hockey and motocross.

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