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Tru-Roll Putters Inc. (, the manufacturer of a revolutionary new putter that’s changing the face of golfing, is announcing it has been reviewed by the American Golfer blog, which praises the Tru-Roll Putter.

Acclaimed golf blog site American Golfer recently posted a review of the Tru-Roll Putter. The review was all positive, noting the putter’s unique cylindrical shape and ability to provide a consistent roll. In addition, the Tru-Roll Putter was noted for its advantages, namely golfers not having to be concerned about their hand position and the elimination of any backspin or skidding.

“We’re glad to have such a positive review of our product,” says Sheldon Long, owner of Tru-Roll Putters Inc. “We’ve always been confident in our design, so it’s a good feeling to know that other groups involved in the sport are recognizing the advantages.”

The reviewer actually tested the Tru-Roll Putter on the course, and although they admit to being a traditionalist, they were “impressed by the Tru-Roll putter’s feel.” They go on to say that “distance and control were consistent from 10 and 30 feet,” and that “the ‘sweet spot’ was considerable.”

“That’s all we want,” Long adds. “We know that because of our revolutionary design, golfers will have their doubts. But we know that once people give the Tru-Roll Putter a fair shot, then the product will speak for itself.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about being a better golfer,” Long concludes. “And when people have the opportunity to see that the Tru-Roll Putter really works and makes them better putters, then it won’t be such a leap of faith for the traditionalists.”

More about the designs and history of Tru-Roll Putters Inc. can be found by visiting the web site at To read the American Golfer review of the Tru-Roll Putter, visit

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Sheldon Long

Entrepreneur minded PGA of Canada Member who when working as a club professional decided to take an idea to market and share his putters with the worldwide golfing community. Ordinary guy who loves his family, friends, golf, hockey and motocross.