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Techniques of the Best Golf Putters to Improve Your Game in 2015

When it comes to the best golf putters on the market, Tru-Roll Putters have been receiving great reviews. Ask any serious golfer and they will tell you that their putters account for 41% of the shots they make. Our putters have the advantage of cutting down on drag, which makes precise shots easier and creates greater forgiveness on miss-hits.

When it comes to innovations in golf putters, manufacturers seem to be taking everything but the golfer’s skill into account. We looked at other putters and reviews of the products when we designed our TR series and were determined to create the best putters on the market.

Here are a few putting tips that will help you get the most enjoyment (and lowest scores) out of your game.

Keep Your Head Still
A common mistake that many golfers make, regardless of their skill level, is to look up when they are completing a putt. Think of making a putt as being the same as a simple machine: the fewer moving parts, the better. Keep your head down, even when you connect with the ball.

Tru-Roll putters let you line up the shot perfectly. If you follow the example of many great golfers and keep your head down until you are close to the hole, you’ll make more putts.

Be Confident
All great putters think they are great putters and confidence is crucial. Knowing that your Tru-Roll putter will perform will help instill this confidence.

Focus On the Process, Not the Outcome
One of the greatest banes of golfers is planning a shot and not having it go their way. You can put all the thought you want into a shot and it may seem perfect in your mind, but a sudden gust of wind can change that. The fact is that you did everything right; even professional golfers miss seemingly easy shots.

So instead of focusing on the outcome, concentrate on the process, making sure you use proper technique and that you have the right putter for you. Our Tru-Roll putters have been used by amateur and professional golfers alike, and are known for making lining up a good shot a breeze.