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Top Golf Putters on the Market

Putting is the most important part of lowering your score on the golf course, which is why so many variations of putters exists. Golfers are always looking for an advantage in their putting because they know that a better putter will ultimately lead to better overall scores.

Putters are designed on many different variables, one of those being the type of stroke. Blade putters are typically more suited for arcing strokes, while mallet putters are geared towards straight-back, straight-through strokes.

Judging a Golf Putter
It should be noted that putting is something that is personal to each golfer, and thus each will ultimately have their own opinion on what works best for them. However, varying designs of putters are created to help improve the ease and accuracy at which putting is done. That said, putters are generally rated on several different factors; believe it or not, look does make a difference, as it gives golfers added confidence as they stand over the ball. Weight and feel are also crucial to determining whether a putter is effective. When it’s all said and done, though, performance is ultimately what matters and is usually weighed the heaviest when deciding on the best golf putters.

Tru-Roll Putters
All factors were considered when creating Tru-Roll Putters. The look and round-head putter design are completely revolutionary and the TR series has already been praised for its light weight and indiscriminate handling. And with the round head eliminating any backspin or spinning, the chances of improved performance are high.

We at Tru-Roll Putters are confident that we have made a superior golf putter and encourage any serious golfer to put it to the test. The design may not be traditional, but results speak for themselves, and users have enjoyed improved scores when switching to our putters.