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Top-Rated Golf Putters

Ask any golfer, regardless of their skill level, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing more frustrating than a game being held up because you can’t make a seemingly simple putt. For many golfers, the problem lies with the putter they use. As a provider of the best golf putters on the market, Tru-Roll Putters’ round-face putters are considered to be some of the top golf putters in the industry. Our putters have been used by everyone, from amateur golfers to professionals.

It goes without saying that our round-face putters’ unique design sets them apart from other clubs on the market. There’s a seemingly endless selection of golf putters on the market. If you ask any golfer what the best putters are, their answers would doubtlessly vary widely. Some might say they prefer blade putters, while others will sing the praises of mid-sized mallet putters. When it comes to the top golf putters, it’s a matter of “pick your poison.”

However, our TR series putters offer many advantages compared to the other top putters on the market. The rounded face offers a more consistent setup of shots and the design provides less skidding, making it easy to obtain the proper distance when making a shot. You’ll also see a dramatic increase on forgiveness when it comes to miss-hits.

Our TR series of products are widely considered the best golf putters in the business for a number of reasons, one of which is that they provide consistent loft. With other types of putters, loft all depends on the position of your hand; with our round-face putters, the position of your hand does not affect the loft, helping you make more putts.

Even when using one of the top golf putters on the market, you may have trouble getting consistent roll on your shots. That’s because using traditional flat-faced putters can cause the ball to hop off the face and go airborne, potentially ruining a perfectly set-up shot. However, when you use a round-face putter from our TR series, the putter makes contact with the ball so it rolls true, without backspin or skidding, making it easier to get your ball rolling on your intended line, while easily obtaining proper distance control. This will result in more putts holed and less three putts, which equals lower scores!